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Choosing Sunshine Coast Security Screens

Sunshine Coast Security Screens

Sunshine Coast Security Screens

What to look for in Sunshine Coast security screens and how to choose one for your home.  Home security is an important issue for any home owner. The Sunshine Coast security screen market reflects this: there is a vast array of security windows, doors, and security accessories available to you from a wide range of retailers. How do you choose the right screen among the others?

The quality of a Sunshine Coast security screen can be measured by four simple components: security features, durability, aesthetic appeal, and the lack of obstruction of views and airflow. The following is a simple guide on how to select the right Sunshine Coast security screen for your home.

Sunshine Coast Security Screens - Security Features

The Australian Institute of Criminology states that household burglary is one of the most frequently occurring crimes in Australia: over 335,700 break-ins where recorded between 2009-2010. That same report concluded that approximately 36 per cent of Australians are concerned that their home is likely to be burgled within the coming year. If you’re within the number of Australians anxious about the level of security of their home, the purchase of a Sunshine Coast Security Screen could soothe your concerns.

Our products are independently tested against the Australian Standards to ensure an unwavering level of security and durability. Our products are complemented by a range of security accessories to maximise home security: both Xceed and Secureview screens exceed in their class when fitted with a triple lock and 5 pin cylinder. Feel free to contact us to enquire on any of our screens and security accessories to discover just how we can maximise your home security.

Stylish Sunshine Coast Security Screens

Sunshine Coast Security Screens - Durability

An important point of difference in Sunshine Coast security screens is the materials with which they are made. Grilles or bars, while effective in providing home security, detract from a home’s aesthetic appeal with their conspicuous appearance.

Security mesh, however, has an unobtrusive design, and yet still provides a much higher level of home security than grilles or bars. Security mesh can be made out of various materials, most commonly stainless steel or aluminium. Be wary of the materials with which a security door is made: while both stainless steel and aluminium are strong in their initial stages, corrosion caused by exposure to the elements can progressively weaken your Sunshine Coast security screens. Ensure that the screens you purchase are powder-coated to ensure resistance to corrosion.

Secureview’s high-grade stainless steel mesh (T316) is coated to ensure durability and expertly woven to ensure maximum resistance to stress and abuse. So confident are we in our products that all of our products come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Additionally, our Secureview screens are accompanied by an 11 year warranty, while Xceed screens are covered by a 7 year warranty.

Sunshine Coast Security Screens - Obstruction of Weather and Views

Selecting secure doors and windows that enhance your enjoyment of your outside views, weather, and ventilation is a wonderful way to appreciate your home’s locality. The latest designs in home security not only protect you and your family, but also allow you to make the most of your outside surroundings, whether these are sparkling water views, stunning landscapes, or the cosiness and familiarity of your own back garden.

Creating light and well-ventilated entrance points in the home is just as important as protecting it. Secureview’s clever design not only lets in natural light, but also works to reduce glare and heat, enhancing the level of comfort in your home. Secureview also boasts a translucence that ensures that your outside views are unobstructed. Our Sunshine Coast security screens also keep out all manner of insects.

Sunshine Coast Security Screens - Aesthetic appeal

When selecting your Sunshine Coast security screen, don’t feel that you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal at the expense of your security. Modern designs in Sunshine Coast security screens ensure that functionality exists alongside good looks.

Consider the overall design of your home before you settle on security windows or doors. While the may look stunning on their own, they should also harmonise with the rest of your home, including the external design and garden.

Online Sunshine Coast security screens can help you make your windows and doors look seamless, with a range of 34 spectacular colours made to match the latest Australian colours, including the popular Colorbond™ range. Our colour charts are delivered to you free of charge.

The Sunshine Coast security screen market boasts a wide range of products available to you. Remember to search for a screen that not only combines strength and durability, but also enhances the internal comfort of your home and blends seamlessly with the exterior design. Never sacrifice the aesthetic appeal in favour of a high level of security, or feel that you can’t design an attractive home without abandoning your sense of security. There are a range of products available to you that feature both security and sleekness of design.

Sunshine Coast Security Screens

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