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DIY Security Doors

One of the best ways to secure your vulnerable entry points are DIY Security Doors which provide a strong physical barrier that’s difficult for intruders to break through. They can be installed in any existing doorway to act as a second barrier against intruders.

DIY Security Doors are a great way to secure your home while saving money. You can save up to $150 per door! Our website has comprehensive instructions on how to measure DIY Security Doors and how to install DIY Security Doors. We also have comprehensive instructional videos on YouTube, below is an example of one of our comprehensive instructional videos.



Some of the benefits of DIY Security Doors are as follows.

  • They are made from ultra-durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium that are resistant agains knives and heavy impact
  • Have a dual function as a screen against pests and insects.
  • They are transparent in appearance and don’t obstruct the view from your home
  • They create a physical deterrence against would-be intruders while cultivating a sense of openness in your home.
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional security screen companies
  • They are custom made to fit your opening, not ready made
  • They surpass all Australian Standards for security screens when fitted with triple locks.
  • Easy to measure and install.
  • Up to an 11 year warranty.
  • They are delivered right to your front door.

DIY Security Doors can be easily installed by anyone using everyday tools. Installation generally takes about one hour and you can save up to $150 per door for your time. The tools required for installation are as follows.

  • Metric tape measure (Good quality steel tape measure)
  • Pencil
  • Cordless Drill
  • Rivet Gun
  • Hammer
  • Nail Punch
  • 12mm or smaller chisel
  • Utility Knife
  • #2 Phillips Screw Driver

All fasteners and materials are provided so you won’t need anything other than the tools listed above. Every door comes with the following items.

  • Hinged security door with lock body pre-assembled & hinges installed
  • Lock furniture with all necessary accessories & fasteners for installation
  • Accessories selected during the ordering process
  • Phillips driver
  • 3mm drill bit for pre-drilling
  • Striker notch out templates. Main and for triple locks an auxiliary template
  • 5mm packer
  • 10 countersunk 8G – 25mm Phillips screws

When installing DIY Security Doors it is always important to remember to follow some basic safety precautions. Always wear protective safety glasses. Secure any loose items of clothing, hair and jewelry. Always cut away from your body and hands when using utility knives. Keep your work area clean and clear of any potential hazards.

Four Tips to Selecting a DIY Security Door

1. Prioritise Security Features

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, household burglary is one of the most common crimes in Australia, with over 335,700 break-ins recorded for in 2009-10. The same report revealed that around 36 per cent of Australians believe that their house was likely to be burgled in the coming year. If you’re one of those who are worried about intruders, DIY Security Doors are probably one of the best choices for your entrances or exits.

DIY Security Doors can be used in conjunction with a wooden or glass door, or they may be used alone as a durable and secure barrier. The best security doors will proof your entrances against knifing or quick break-ins that can result from smashing glass or less durable doors.

They may also incorporate a number of locks, including deadlocks and key locks, for maximum protection

2. Seek Durability

Look for doors made from durable materials such as stainless steel. While materials are important, so is design. The best doors will have come with performance guarantees or ratings. These can include testing for attempted break-ins, weatherproofing features, as well as tests or ratings for impact.

Most quality manufacturers will also offer an extended warranty period, many of these lasting from 7 years. Some manufacturers, however, offer warranties will beyond these timeframes.

3. Enjoyment of Weather and Views

Choosing doors that support enjoyment of outside views, weather, and ventilation can be a great way to make the most of your house and locality. Whether you have water views, sweeping landscapes, or simply want to feel closer to your garden and surroundings, there are options that will allow you and your family to create airy and light entrance points.

You may have outdoors spaces where a spatial connection with the outdoors is integral to the enjoyment of the space. While, traditionally, exterior doors have been typically made from solid wood or fibreglass, the latest designs facilitate better enjoyment of weather and outdoor views, such as those manufactured from woven stainless steel and aluminium. It’s useful to keep this in mind as you select your door.

Tip 4: Look for Aesthetic Appeal

There no need to compromise on aesthetic appeal at the expense of the other criteria. When it comes to doors, functionality can coexist with strong aesthetic appeal. Some options can be tailor made and cut and fitted to suit your precise requirements.

Look for aesthetic appeal and visual harmonisation with the rest of your house. While a door may be attractive on its own, it should blend in effortlessly to your external walls, garden, and colour themes. To Help you select the colour of your door has colour charts available to order free of charge. This will help you match your existing colour scheme of your home. Alternatively, you can also obtain the colours of your home from your house plans or your builder.

Are DIY Security Doors right for you?

You need to ask yourself if a DIY Security Door is right for you. Some questions to consider before deciding to go down the DIY path are:

  1. Do I want to save money?
  2. Do I have the required tools or am I able to purchase them?
  3. Do I want to be proud of the end product that is installed?
  4. Can I follow instructions closely and accurately?
  5. Do I enjoy working on or around my home?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above then a DIY Security Door is a perfect fit for you and your project. You can order them from our website and they will be delivered to your front door saving you time and money

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