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Installing DIY security screens in your home can grant you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is locked up tight and safe while you’re away. DIY Security screens are a deterrent to potential burglars, economical to buy and maintain, easy to install yourself, and they come in a wide range of colours and styles.

DIY Security Screens – Measure Instructions

Before you order your DIY security screens, measure your windows carefully. While most windows are a standard size, you’re best to know the exact measurements before you place your order. At, we manufacture your DIY security screens to comply with your personal requirements.

For your DIY security screens to fit, your window must be a sliding, double hung or louver. If you’re installing screens over louvers, check that there will be enough clearance for the panes to open fully once the screen has been installed.

All DIY security screens are face fit, so you need to ensure that your window pane has a flat plane on all four sides. These planes are necessary to screw through the DIY security screen into the existing window.

Be sure to measure the DIY security screen height and the DIY security screen width in three different places. Then, to record an accurate measurement on your order form, deduct 3mm from the smallest recorded measurement for both the height and width of your window frame. This method ensures that your screen won’t be too big to fit if your frame is out of square.

DIY Security Screens – Installation

Installing your DIY security screens yourself is a quick and easy for the home handyman. It’s the perfect way to save yourself some money while you’re improving your home security. Installation time can take as little as 15 minutes: that’s money you’re saving for someone to do the job for you.

There are a few simple steps to installing your DIY security screens. Before you begin, take note of simple safety measures: always wear protective gear such as gloves or glasses when you’re using tools, and make sure your hair is pulled back and that you’ve removed all of your jewellery. When using your utility knife, cut away from your body rather than toward yourself to avoid injury. Make sure your work area is clear and free of hazards and that you have enough space to work within.

Next, be sure that you have the correct materials and equipment to complete your task. Your DIY security screens delivery from Online Security Screens should include:

  • Security screen
  • Security driver
  • 3mm drill bit for pre-drilling
  • 4mm drill bit for pre-drilling
  • The required number of power-coated pan head 10G 25mm security screws

Check your delivery contents thoroughly before you start your DIY installation. Additionally, ensure that you have these tools on hand:

  • Metric tape
  • A pencil
  • A cordless drill

There are several different ways to install your DIY security screens, but at, we recommend that you follow this specific method.

Firstly, place your DIY security screen into the flat plane on the outside of your window, over the opening section. Ensure that your window screen is the correct size before you commence any further. Then, take notes on where you can attach the DIY security screen to the existing window, on all four sides, so that the screws won’t get in the way of any moving panels or window components.

Next, take down the DIY security screen and pre-drill equally spaced holes with your 4mm drill bit on all four sides of the existing window. Be careful to place these holes at a minimum of 60mm from the window corners, and space them apart at a maximum 400mm. Before you start drilling, make sure that you have enough security screws for the amount of holes you pre-drill.

Now, place your DIY security screen into the same position as before.

Use your 3mm drill bit to pre-drill the window frame through a single hole, being very careful not to make contact with the glass underneath. Insert your first security screw into this hole. Now that the screen is secure, repeat these motions for the rest of the pre-drilled holes.

Once your DIY security screen is installed, slide your window back and forth to check for interference. If you need to, you can remove and refit any security screws that are catching the tracks.

DIY Security ScreensDIY Security Screens – Save Money

DIY security screens installation is a quick, easy and simple way to save yourself some money while you’re improving your home security. If you have any further questions or queries about DIY security screens installation, contact through our website: we’re always happy to help you where we can. Otherwise, refer to our written help guides or DIY videos.

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