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Quick tips to help you with Home Security

  1. 1.     Break into your own home. Prowl the boundaries of your own home to discover weaknesses in your home security system that you might not have thought of before. Be clever: look at ways to conceal yourself from the street, try to jemmy your doors and windows, find ways to climb onto your balcony.
  2. 2.     Lock up! Before you go out, even if only for a short time, ensure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. Many home intrusions occur when a burglar is able to walk through an open door or climb in through an unlocked window.
  3. 3.     Home Security includes your balcony. Burglars will find ways to climb onto your balcony. Lock the doors and windows that lead out onto it to add that extra layer of security, no matter how high your balcony sits.
  4. 4.     Don’t forget the garage! Garage doors provide access into your home just the same as any other: make sure they are locked before you go out, and during the night while you’re asleep.
  5. 5.     New Home? Replace the locks. You never know who has a copy of your key. If you’re moving into a new home, replace all of the locks and tumblers. Similarly, if you lose your existing key, it’s a good idea to change all of the locks over. Someone might have picked it up.
  6. 6.     Fake it. Fool amateur burglars into thinking you’re home by leaving the lights, stereo, or TV on when you’re out. Timers can be installed on your outdoor lights to program them to turn on the moment it begins to get dark.
  7. 7.     Don’t hide spare keys. If you have a spare key, resist the urge to hide it by your door or in your yard. Savvy intruders know all of the common places to hide a spare key. Keep your key on your person when you go out, or seal your key in a can and bury it somewhere in the yard where you can find it, but a burglar can’t.
  8. 8.     Close the drapes and the blinds. Discourage potential intruders by concealing the contents of your home.
  9. 9.     Man’s best friend, and a burglar’s worst. A barking dog, no matter how large or small, can act as a deterrent to an intruder, as a dog’s bark draws attention to your property and increases Home Security.
  10. 10.  Report unusual activity to the police. If you see unfamiliar faces loitering in your neighbourhood, or unfamiliar cars perusing the streets, alert the police or your local neighbourhood watch. Keep an eye out for other strange, suspicious activity.
  11. 11.  Install an alarm system. If you’re extremely concerned about your home security, installing an alarm system can grant you some peace of mind. When you’re installing the system, ensure that all of the wiring is completely concealed: a savvy burglar will look disable the security system by disconnecting or cutting exposed wires.
  12. 12.  Look for obstructions near your entry points. Trim your hedges below the level of the window sills; remove bushes that hide doors and windows; make sure you’re not hemmed off from the view of the street by tall bushes or trees. Alternately, identify all entry points that are concealed by plants or other obstructions and install security screens to protect these vulnerable points. Security screens made to the Australian Standard cannot be kicked in, cut, pried from the frame, or jemmied open.
  13. 13.  Install a safe. A safe is a handy measure should anyone succeed in entering your home uninvited. Protect your valuables by hiding them within a safe.
  14. 14.  Avoid free-loiders. Loiding is the act of sliding a credit card against the latch tongue of a spring-loaded lock to unlock the door. Install a deadbolt with a minimum one-inch throw to prevent this. Most good-quality security screen doors come with deadbolts readily installed; additionally, a security door cannot be broken apart by excessive force, cut open, or jemmied from the frame.
  15. 15.  Install lighting at the entry points of your home. If you want to go the extra mile in securing your home, install lighting that features an infrared detector. Burglars prefer to go unobserved: they are easily deterred by infrared detectors and security cameras.
  16. 16.  Help thy neighbour. Communicate with your neighbours about suspicious activity or people you have observed throughout the neighbourhood. An extra pair of eyes is never a bad thing. Additionally, tell your neighbours when you’re going away for an extended period of time: they can keep an eye on your home while you’re away, and collect mail or newspapers that might alert a burglar of your absence.

Protecting your home from professional burglars is a difficult task, but these simple, economical measures will prevent almost any amateur intruder looking to rob or vandalise your home. Be alert to suspicious activity throughout your neighbourhood and inform the appropriate people about it. Be vigilant in your safety measures, and you’ll be safe from home invasion.

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