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Simple Ways to Reinforce Your Online Security Doors - Your doors might not be as secure as you think. Burglaries and break-ins are a concern for every homeowner: if your doors are hollow, glass, or even left unlocked, you may as well leave the house open and waiting for intruders. There are some simple ways to check the strength of your doors, and to secure them against unwanted entry.

Check the condition of all of your doors: back, front, and even the door leading into your garage. If you have wooden doors, check for cracks or rot and warping in the frame. Even if the damage seems small to you, it can be the difference between a vulnerable and a secure home. If any of your doors are hollow, replace them immediately – hollow Doors can be broken with a couple of strong kicks. Consider replacing your doors with a stronger, more durable material, such as aluminium, steel, or fibreglass. These materials are weather durable and so less prone to warp, rust, or rot.

Online Security Doors

Similarly, if your doors are glass-paned or features a mail slot or pet door, test that these openings are not large enough for someone to reach through. A resolute burglar will break glass panels or twist an arm through the mail slot to unlock the door from inside. Burglars can even crawl in through pet doors, if they’re determined enough. If you’re reluctant to replace your door completely, consider installing Online Security Doors in front of the door. A slim-lined, colour-coordinated Online Security Door won’t affect the aesthetic appearance of your home, but it will keep out even the most determined burglar.

If your home is secured by sliding-glass doors, secure them with a Charley bar and a sturdy lock. Alternatively, you can insert a sturdy bar of aluminium, PVC, or thick wood into the tracks of your sliding glass doors to prevent it from being opened at all. Avoid steel bars, as they can be lifted out of the tracks with a strong magnet. Bars are more of a deterrent than a preventative: if a burglar manages to jemmy the lock, but can’t open the door without using excessive force and causing a racket, they will move on to an easier target. For an extra layer of protection, install Online Security Doors in front of your glass doors. A good manufacturer can cut and construct sliding security screen doors to any shape or size, and can colour-coordinate the frame to the rest of your home. Security screens won’t obstruct the view, either: the woven mesh design allows for both visibility and ventilation.

Online Security Doors

Even the strongest Online Security Doors require some maintenance: poorly maintained doors make it much easier for an intruder to force their way into your home. Check the tracks of your sliding doors to ensure that the door slides smoothly and remains on the tracks.
Check all of the strike plates in the frames of your doors. Ensure that each strike plate has a metal lip on the outside to prevent the lock from being jemmied. If you’re replacing your strike plates, make sure that you angle each screw slightly backwards to catch the frame.
Install deadbolts on every entry door, including the door between your home and your garage. Avoid any deadbolts with less than a one-inch throw.

If your home features decorative French doors, lock them permanently. An intruder can force their way through French doors without even breaking the glass panels: a screwdriver can slice easily through weather stripping to force open the latches on the tops and bottoms of your doors. A strong deadbolt can hold the doors closed even if a burglar manages to undo these latches.  Secure your garage door against intruders by removing the rope that allows you to open the door manually in case of a break down. Burglars can use this rope to open the doors themselves if they manage to insert a wire through the top of the garage door. Instead of a rope, use a wooden dowel with a hook in the end.

Should you go away on vacation, unplug your garage door opener completely. The signal that opens your garage door can be hi-jacked by savvy thieves.  If you have a set of spare keys, refrain from ‘hiding’ them in places around your house, such as under the doormat, above the doorframe, or even in pot plants. No key can be hidden well enough to prevent an intruder from finding it, particularly if they have observed you using this spare key yourself. Keep your keys on you, or if you must have a key outside, keep it inside a hidden lock box. Ensure that your lock box is good quality and installed properly.

Any intruder likes to be hidden from the street or from the view of your neighbours. Clear or trim shrubs that grow around any of your doorways so an intruder has nowhere to hide. Install sensor lights above your doors to expose night-time intruders.

A simple, economical way to ensure that your doors are completely secure is to install Online Security Doors in front of each one. Security screens constructed to comply with the Australian Standard cannot be kicked in, cut with a knife, or jemmied from the frame by even the strongest and most resolute intruder. Security doors come in all shapes, sizes and colours. has a range of 34 colours designed to match popular new Australian colours, such as the Colourbond™ range. With us, you have the convenience of browsing our product range and purchasing from it online. All of our products come with long-life warranties and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: both our Xceed and Secureview range go above and beyond the Australian Standard.

Home burglary is one of the most common and wide-spread crimes in Australia. Taking these simple security measures can mean the different between your home being vulnerable to intruders or secure against them. Protect your home and your family by making the necessary checks and installations to avoid becoming a statistic.

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