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Security Screens

Security Screens

Security screens are a popular option for the home: so why not your business, too?  Security screens are present in many types of business, and have been for decades. For example, clear plastic barriers have replaced upright bars in separating tellers from customers in banks. Iron grating on external windows has been replaced by security glass or stainless steel mesh. The evolution of security screens has led to a multitude of secure systems that allow businesses to interact with customers and clients without sacrificing the security of staff and other assets. Modern security systems allow for subtle rather than overbearing security, allowing for comfort and safety to coexist within the workplace.

Similarly, external security can disappear seamlessly into your business’s outer design with a modern range of security screens for windows and doors in a whole range of sizes, shapes and colours. Security screens, alongside alarms and cameras, can increase the level of security within your business and protect it from offences such as harm to staff, theft, or vandalism.

Reducing the Risk of Theft – Security Screens

Some businesses, such as banks or pharmacies, are inevitably at more of a risk of break-ins or robberies than others. It’s because of this that these types businesses will often require higher levels of internal and external security. For instance, banks often use bulletproof screens to protect tellers in the case of an armed robbery; pharmacies place security screens between pharmacists and customers to prevent the theft of powerful painkillers like codeine or other below-counter medications.

The idea of these types of security screens is to discourage people who might otherwise attempt to steal from the business. The same principle can be applied to the external entrance points of any business place, particularly if cash or other valuable assets are kept on the business’s premise afterhours. A stainless steel mesh security door may enhance the level of security as opposed to a simple glass or even wooden door that can be broken or jemmied open with ease. Similarly, lockable security screened windows make it difficult for a perpetrator to enter through a window.

Security Screens

Increasing Staff Safety - Security Screens

When you or your staff members come into contact with customers, there is always a mild element of risk. Customer service, at best, is a challenging job, particularly when the customer is determined to be a difficulty. Customers, in some circumstances, can become angered or even irate to the point of aggression. More often than not, this anger is directed at the employee regardless of whether they are responsible for the issue at hand. Security screens are a simple measure to reduce the vulnerability of staff members. Much like security cameras, modern advances in design allow for these security measures to be unobtrusive, yet affective.

Reducing the Risk of Vandalism - Security Screens

Your business becomes vulnerable in the afterhours, when the premise is vacated of your staff members. While cameras and alarms can catch vandals in the act, security screens are a further preventative measure than can discourage internal vandalism before it occurs. A security screen measured by the Australian Standard is extremely difficult to penetrate without absolutely excessive force: security screens are design to withstand kicking, cutting, jemmying, and prying. A security screen does not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the business, either: unlike bars or grilles, it blends seamlessly with the exterior of the business, and can even be chosen to suit the colour theme.

Security Screens Solutions for All Needs

Each individual business requires unique security measures in order to protect their employees and the workplace as a whole. A teller’s desk requires a different level of security to a café counter. Some require a discreet barrier between the employee and the customer to discourage theft or abuse. Some require the highest measures of security to protect the lives of the employees.

There are different security screen solutions for every individual’s circumstance. Whether you own a video rental shop, corner store, or a doctor’s surgery, security screens can be used to reduce the risk or theft, vandalism, or harm to employees. Consider the security needs of the business and the risks that it is exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Consider the ways in which subtle security measures can be put in place without disrupting the comfort of your employees or the environment of your workplace. In many cases, security screens are a simple, economical way to solve your security needs.


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