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Security Doors Sydney

Security Doors Sydney

Security Doors Sydney

Security Doors Sydney – You only have to watch the news to understand that Sydney’s rate of crime is the worst in Australia. The statistics show it too: in a single day, there are 300 incidents of break and enter across the city of Sydney. That means that in Sydney, a break and enter occurs once every 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Similarly, in recent years, Sydney has accounted for 60 per cent of incidents of kidnapping and abduction across the entire country.

No matter how safe you think your neighbourhood is, or how secure you feel in your home, if you haven’t taken a number of simple security measures, your home is vulnerable to home invasion. Consider this: more armed robberies occur in Sydney than in almost any other state or territory combined. Almost forty per cent of all yearly break-ins occurring in Australia happen in Sydney.

Security Doors Sydney – Installation

If you’re living in Sydney, or in its surrounding suburban areas, you’re more likely to experience a home invasion than some who lives in a regional area. In fact, you probably know someone, or several people, who have experience a break-in to their home. Improving your home security is a precaution that can’t be ignored: but there are a number of simple, economical ways to make your home safer. One of these is to install security doors Sydney at the entry points to your homes.

Security Doors SydneySecurity Doors Sydney – Online Security Screens

A determined intruder can destroy a traditional door without much difficulty. Corroded screens or wooden doors can be cut or kicked in, or even jemmied away from the frame. Glass windows and be broken, and fly screen is easily torn away from the frame. At, all of our products are tested to comply with the Australian Standard, meaning that they cannot be kicked in, cut, bent out of shape or jemmied away from the frame to permit an intruder entrance to your home. Similarly, our products are designed to provide maximum security without affecting ventilation or obstructing your view to the outside world.

We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our security products that each one comes with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you find a problem with your product within 14 days of receiving it, we will repair your product, or remake it completely, free of charge.

We offer you the convenience of ordering your new security screens online. Once you’ve taken precise measurements of your window and door frames, you can select the ideal product from our security range, choose a colour to match your home, and browse our range of complementary security accessories. Choose your product with care: our Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover personal change of mind or colour replacement should you get it wrong.

We can deliver your new security screens directly to your door. Our delivery service extends 50 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD. We also deliver to any coastal town between Maroochydore, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and Sydney, and 40 kilometres inland along Highway 1. If you’re unsure of whether your postcode falls within this range, feel free to contact us on our website so we can advise you of our delivery routes. If your order exceeds the sum of $3000 and you fall outside of these delivery areas, please contact us to discuss your delivery options. Customer service is a priority: we will always help you where we are able.

From the moment you place your order, we begin to manufacture and ship your security screens. This means that you can expect your delivery to arrive at your door between 10-15 business days from the date of your order.

Security doors Sydney are an economic and efficient way to deter or even prevent intruders from entering your home. Even the most determined burglar can’t force their way through well-maintained security doors Sydney. Don’t leave your home unattended with the fear of leaving it vulnerable to intruders: install security doors Sydney at the entry points of your home to heighten your safety and peace of mind.

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