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Security Screens BrisbaneSecurity Screens Brisbane – Offences committed against private property are among the most commonly occurring crimes in Brisbane. You might be among the 50% of Brisbane householders who are actually afraid of leaving their homes unattended because of the high risk of a burglary or break-in happing in their absence.

This isn’t a fear without reason. Annual records show that 25% of Brisbane home owners experience a home invasion, and that just under 10% have in fact experienced multiple incidents of vandalism or burglary. Most Brisbane residents have friends, families or colleagues who have had their homes burgled in the past, and they fear that the same might happen to them.

If you’re living in Brisbane or the built-up suburban areas that surround the city, you’re even more vulnerable to home invasion than those living in rural Queensland. This is because there is generally more crime occurrence in densely populated areas. Despite this, a large number of Brisbane Residents haven’t taken simple security measures such as installing security screens Brisbane.

Install Security Screens Brisbane

Installing security screens Brisbane to protect your windows has a number of obvious benefits. Modern security screens Brisbane have come far: rather than relying on grilles or bars to protect you from intruders, you can purchase security screens Brisbane that look much like inoffensive fly screen, but that are far more resistant to force and corrosion. A 316 marine grade stainless steel security screen is resistant to weakening by rust and other weather corrosion. Similarly, if your security screen manufacturer constructs the screens to comply with the Australian Standard, your window security screens Brisbane cannot be cut apart, pried from the frame, or kicked in by someone looking to invade your home.

Window security screens Brisbane are also extremely effective in preventing insects and other pests from entering your home. Regular flyscreen achieves the same unobtrusive appearance as security mesh, but it can be easily torn from its frame by someone looking to invade your home. Similarly, regular flyscreen tends to weaken over time due to exposure to the weather. The main benefit of security screens Brisbane, particularly when made from stainless steel, is that they are designed to withstand both outside force and corrosion by the Australian climate. At, our security screens Brisbane are constructed from a tightly woven 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. You can leave your windows wide open without the concern of insects – or human pests – entering your home unwanted.

Security Screens Brisbane Ventilation

In the hot Brisbane summer, everyone needs an energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solution within the home. Installing good quality security screens Brisbane will reduce heat and glare in your home. Similarly, with security screens Brisbane protecting your home, you can leave your windows open all day long, letting fresh air enter your home at all times and preventing that ‘stuffy’ feeling when you enter a locked-up house after a long day away. You might even save money on by running your air-conditioning unit less! At, our screens are designed to optimise ventilation throughout your home by reducing heat and glare.

Security Screens BrisbaneBuy Security Screens Brisbane Online can manufacture security screens Brisbane to any shape or size: all you need to do is send us precise measurements of your window frames, and we’ll custom make your screens to size. A guide on how to properly measure your windows is available in our website’s help section.

We can offer you the convenience of home delivery. Our delivery range includes 50kms outside the Brisbane CBD, as well as all coastal areas, and 40kms inland along Highway 1. We pride ourselves on being prompt: you will receive your security screens Brisbane between 10 – 15 working days from the date of your order. If you’re unsure about whether you’re within our delivery range, please contact us on our website for further information. If you’re not within our delivery area, but your order exceeds $3000, you can contact us to discuss your delivery options. Customer service is important to us: we’ll always assist you where we can.

You can improve your home security by using a few simple tricks in conjunction with installing security screens Brisbane on all of your windows. The top five tricks include:

1.     Lock your windows when it’s appropriate. If you’re going away for days at a time, check that all of your windows are shut and locked, along with your exterior doors.

2.     Remove items from your yard that could assist burglars in climbing into your upper windows. Wheelie bins and lawn furniture are two examples of the things burglars will use to try to climb in through your upper stories.

3.     Trim shrubs and bushes around your windows. You security screens Brisbane will keep the burglars out, but you can deter them even further by removing all potential hiding places.

4.      Install sensor lighting around your property. You can keep intruders well away from your windows by installing lights that are sensitive to movement: burglars don’t like to be seen in their work, so installing extra lighting works as an added deterrent along with your security screens

5.     Install a security door! Protect all of the entry points of your home by installing security screens Brisbane on all of your doors and windows.

Unlawful entry, burglary, and theft are all common Brisbane crimes: you’re more likely to experience a home invasion than to not at some point during your life. Installing security screens at the entry points to your home might just prevent this from happening to you. Heighten your peace of mind by decreasing your home’s vulnerabilities: install security screens Brisbane on your windows today!

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