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Security Tips for the Home

Security Tips for the Home

Security Tips for the Home

Are you looking for Security Tips for the Home?  This article offers simple ways to make your home safe and secure - Your home is a place of tranquillity and comfort and so it’s easy to leave it each day without remembering to latch your gate properly or lock every window. However, any of these simple, forgetful actions can make your home more vulnerable to intruders. Here, we’ve made note of five simple ways to discourage intruders away from your home.

Security Tips for the Home - Security Doors

One of the best Security Tips for the Home to prevent intruders from entering your home by securing its entry points, including your doors and windows. Security doors are a simple yet highly effective way to secure the entry points of your home against burglars and break-ins.

  1. Inspect all of the doors leading from the outside into your home: front door, back door, and even the basement or garage door, if you have one. If they are not already constructed out of a sturdy material like metal or wood, then you should replace them.
  2. Do your doors have wooden frames? Ensure that each frame is in good condition and still firmly attached to the wall. If your wooden frames are rotting, or if there is a gap between the frame and the wall, consider replacing the frame altogether. Many security screens now come with powder-coated or galvanised metal frames, which are more resistant to applied force or elemental wear.
  3. Avoid doors with window panels, or even having windows close to your door. Glass can be easily broken by a determined intruder should they attempt to open your door from the inside.
  4. Ensure that all of your doors include deadbolts with a minimum 1-inch throw.
  5. If your door features a mailing slot, ensure that this slot isn’t wide enough for someone to poke a limb through.
  6. Wander down to your street and check to see if your front door is visible from the sidewalk. If an intruder is exposed by the front door, then they are more likely to hesitate in the act of breaking in. Prune back bushes to further expose your door, or install sensory lights to increase visibility.

Security Tips for the HomeSecurity Tips for the Home - Window Security Screens

Fly screens can be torn effortlessly from their frames, and glass panes are easily smashed. Stainless steel security screens are a great way to protect your home against intruders. Security screens are less obtrusive than bars or grilles and protect against insect, as well as human, invasion. Look for a security screen that complies with the Australian Standrard: this means that your new screens cannot be battered, wrenched, or cut open with a sharp implement. Should you accidentally leave a window open while you’re not home, you needn’t worry about intruders.

For added peace of mind regarding Security Tips for the Home:

  1. Equip all of your windows with strong locks. These are an extra measure should you be away from home for an extended period of time.
  2. Check that any accessible windows are not hidden by shrubs or other obstructions. Use outdoor lighting for added visibility near your windows.
  3. Install curtains, blinds, or tinted glass to prevent potential intruders from being able to see the inside of your home.

Security screens in your windows and doors ensure that your home and your family are safe from external harm. Modern designs even allow for the enjoyment of external views and good ventilation throughout the home in the warmer months. Securing the entry points to your home allow you to leave it without worrying about whether or not you’ve locked each and every window. Security screens are also child friendly.

Once you’ve secured the entry points of your home, there are other simple Security tips for the home to increase your home security. By making it appear as though someone is home, even if your house is empty. Intruders are less likely to attempt to enter your home if they think someone is inside.

Security Tips for the Home - Noise Factor

Leaving your radio to play quietly while you’re away for the day is a simple and economical way to discourage intruders. The emission of sound from the inside of your house gives the illusion that someone is still present inside the home.

Security Tips for the Home - Timed Lights

Your empty home is most vulnerable in the dark hours. Timed lights are a clever way of creating the illusion that someone is home during the evening, even when there isn’t. Set the timer on your lights so that they come on just as the sun goes down. This way, your house appears to have someone home, even if you’re not coming home until late, or if you’ve gone away for a day or two.

Lights that feature motion sensors are another way to increase your home security. Not only are you able to know when someone is wandering outside unannounced, but sensor lights can potentially discourage intruders from attempting to enter your home.

Security Tips for the Home - Mail

If you’re going away for a few days, or longer, it may be worth asking your neighbours to collect your mail and paper deliveries. A crammed mailbox and a lawn strewn with old newspapers signify to intruders that no one has been present in your home for a long time.

Increasing your home security isn’t necessarily a stressful or expensive task. By following these simple Security tips for the home such as, investing in security windows and doors, and by taking a few simple safety measures, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you can leave your home for an extended period of time without leaving the house vulnerable to break-ins or burglars.

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