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Sliding Security Door

Sliding Security Door


Sliding security doors are a simple, low-cost way to add new dimensions in style and security to any area of your home. Modern designs in security doors have advanced them far beyond the barred patio doors of the past: now, you can enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of sleek, sophisticated design even while you protect your home against intruders.

Saving space with sophisticated  Sliding Security Door design

Modern sliding security doors not only look elegant, but also add the illusion of space within your home. Large openings onto patios and decks can be expanded further by two- or four-slider doors, letting in natural light, natural ventilation, and a panorama view of the outside world. The closely woven mesh of security screens offers you the luxury of letting the outside indoors without also introducing insects and other pests to your home.

The sleek, unobtrusive frame of a modern sliding security door will not detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home: in fact, offers you a wide range of 34 different colours so you can properly match your door frame to your home.

Sliding Security Doors – Superior quality and security

Traditional doors may look secure, but in fact have several vital flaws that make them vulnerable to clever thieves. Wooden doors eventually rot when exposed to the weather and can be loosened by a couple of solid kicks; glass left unglazed can be shattered; unprotected door jambs can be jemmied lose. Traditional sliding doors tend to be fitted with inadequate locking systems and so they can be easy lifted from their tracks, even with additional locking plates or bars. At, all of our sliding security doors are manufactured to comply with the Australian Standard, meaning that once installed, your new security door cannot be jemmied from the jamb, kicked in or cut apart, or pried apart at the frame.

Another telling difference between a traditional sliding door and a sliding security door is the way in which we assemble our door frames. The design of the door frame ensures that it can’t be pried apart to remove the mesh from the frame. Rather than weather stripping or simple screw-together frames, uses a high-grade acrylic adhesive to secure the screen deeply with the frame: this system can withstand prolonged excessive force. Similarly, the adhesive is completely weather resistant, meaning that it cannot be weakened by rust and corrosion.

Traditional sliding doors are often constructed from cheap, unreliable materials such as glass or fly screen. While these allow for ventilation and enjoyment of outside views, they can also be easily shattered, cut, or pried from the frame. Our sliding security doors are made from a closely woven, marine-grade stainless steel mesh that is resistant against excessive force, weather corrosion, and insect invasion. The marine-grading of the stainless steel means that it is particularly well-suited to the Australian environment: it is resistant to chloride pitting and salt corrosion in coastal environments, and fire rated for areas prone to bushfire. The innovative design of the stainless steel security mesh ensures your security, but also allows for superior ventilation throughout the warmer months, and enjoyment of your outdoor surroundings all year round.

Security screen locking mechanisms have been completely rethought. Most traditional sliding doors rely on restrictions bars or plates: a good security door will come with deadbolts with a retractable hook latch at both the top and bottom of the door, as well as the centre.

When you’re purchasing your new sliding security door online, you can also select a number of clever accessories to enhance your door’s performance. The Inventco sliding door water closer ensures smooth operation and an adjustable closing speed for your new sliding door. It enhances the door’s ability to prevent insects from entering your home by ensuring that your door always closes behind you.  Similarly, by installing an additional bug seal to the base of your sliding door, you are adding additional barriers against insect invasion.

If you prefer your sliding door to do its job in silence, install a set of Canoe Clips. Canoe Clips prevent the aluminium frame from grating against the aluminium tracks and creating noise every time you open and close your door.

Finally, if your existing fixed glass panel lock stile does not already have a receiving slot for a frame interlock, you can pick up a Fixed Style Interlock at our online checkout.

Sliding Security Doors

Sliding Security Doors

Sliding Security Doors – Combining security and style to optimize your home comfort

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home, but you don’t want to make your family and your possessions vulnerable to intruders, consider replacing your existing traditional sliding screens with sliding security doors. They can be made up to your exact measurements and colour requirements, and offer you’re the convenience of home delivery. Sliding security doors are the perfect way to enhance the security of your home and to increase its aesthetic appeal both inside and out.

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